Papilocare® 55 Single-Dose Cannulas


Papilocare 55 Cannulas

This 55 Cannula product variation is intended for a woman’s month 2 to 6 Papilocare application.

Who can use Papilocare?

The use of Papilocare is recommended in women (over 18 years of age) infected by the human papillomavirus (HPV), independently of whether they have virus-induced lesions (ASCUS or LSIL).

What is Papilocare and how does it work?

Papilocare is the first clinically proven treatment solution for HPV-induced low grade (ASCUS, LSIL, CIN 1) lesions of the cervical transformation zone. The Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel is specifically formulated to activate the three modifiable HPV-induced low grade lesion repair factors.

1. Re-epithelialisation of the cervical transformation zone

2. Rebalancing the vaginal microbiota

3. Counteracting the non-inflammatory microenvironment that HPV creates.





This Papilocare 55 cannulas product variation is intended for a woman’s month 2 to 6 application. The full application duration is 6 months, which can be extended for longer based on the medical advice. It is important to complete the full length of treatment in order to obtain the desired results.

It is recommended to start treatment after menstruation.

First month: One cannula should be applied per day, for 21 consecutive days, then take the next 7 days off.

Months 2 to 6 (Papilocare 55 Cannulas): One cannula should be applied every other day for 21 days.

The recommendation to pause treatment with Papilocare during menstruation has to do with patient comfort, and not because there is any clinical incompatibility.

Papilocare should ideally be used just before bedtime. It is compatible with the use of condoms.


Papilocare is supplied in single-use vaginal cannulas. Any cannula that appears open or broken should be discarded. The cannula is designed to aid in the product’s application. For application, lay on your back. The cannula should be inserted into the vagina, then press to release its contents. Then, remove it from the vagina, while continuing to press the cannula, in order to not suction out the product already applied.

It is possible that a small amount of gel remains in the cannula. This dose not mean that a dose less than what is recommended has been administered, as the cannula releases a sufficient amount to cover the cervical-vaginal mucosa (3 ml). Once the cannula is used, it should be discarded. A cannula should not be reused nor shared between two patients.


• Coriolus Versicolor Extract (Re-epithelialising and restorative action for cervical-vaginal lesions and microlesions)

• Neem Extract [Azadirachta indica] (Emollient properties that promote the natural healing process)

• Hyaluronic Acid Niosomes (Hydrating action to help maintain tissue elasticity)

• β-Glucan Niosomes (Antioxidant properties that maintain the structure and natural functionality of the skin and mucous membranes)

• Centella Asiatica Phytosomes (Acts to repair mucosal lesions)

• BioEcolia® [α-glucan oligosaccharide] (A prebiotic that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacterial flora and rebalances the microbiota in the cervical-vaginal zone)

• Aloe Vera Extract (Hydrating, re-epithelialising and restorative action for the cervical-vaginal zone)

Additional information

Additional Information

Pack contains:
7x 5ml single-dose cannulas

Instructions for use:
• Insert a single-dose cannula into the vagina, preferably before bedtime. Start treatment after your period. The recommended posology is one single-dose cannula for 21 consecutive days, then one single-dose cannula every other day for the 5 following months (off during the period). If you do not have periods, follow the same treatment plan outlined in the diagram.

• Papilocare should be kept between 2°C and 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.