Lit-Control pH Meter


The Lit-Control pH Meter medical device is specifically designed to quickly, easily and accurately measure the urine pH. Its innovative technology, endorsed by the medical community, has allowed it to become the fastest and most efficient solution on the market in urine pH measurement and control.



Lit-Control pH Meter

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stone (urolithiasis) is one of the oldest and most common problems of the urinary system.

  • 15% of men and 8% of women will have a kidney stone in his or her lifetime
  • Over half the people who get a stone will get another one within 5 years

Urine contains several minerals and nitrogen-containing compounds. Normally these dissolve and get eliminated in the urine. In some people, the concentration of these ingredients increases and they crystallise forming stones in our kidneys. People with certain conditions (obesity, diabetes and gout) are more likely to develop kidney stones.

Could my kidney stone recur?

Yes, if you have experienced a kidney stone in the past five years or have been diagnosed as a recurrent kidney stone former, combining dietary adjustments while taking Lit-Control as a preventative solution may inhibit the stone crystallisation process.

Lit-Control pH Meter

Monitoring urinary pH Levels

Lit-Control pH Meter monitors urinary pH levels and can be used in conjunction with Lit-Control pH Up and Lit-Control pH Down supplement products which may control urinary health. The pH meter is a “first in class” device with advanced microsensorial technology protected by international patents.

Why use the Lit-Control pH Meter?

For closer monitoring of:

  • Infectious or Struvite lithiasis recurrence or relapse
  • Uric Acid or Cystine Stones
  • An indwelling JJ catheter

Determining urinary pH levels

Lit-Control pH Meter precisely determines whether urine is outside the preventive pH range of 5.5 – 6.2 and facilitates adequate therapeutic recommendation; to acidify or alkalinise the urinary pH.

The European Guidelines on Urolithiasis underscore the need for precise determination of urinary pH in order to adopt the adequate measures for avoiding the recurrence of renal calculi.

The precise and regular monitoring of urine acidity allows; evaluation of reaching of the desired pH interval with the initial recommended Lit-Control food supplement capsule intake.

Additional information

Additional Information

Box Contains

• 1x Lit-Control pH Meter device (includes pH sensor)
• 4x Vials of calibration buffer solution (valid for 1 month each)
• 1x AAA 1.5 V battery
• 1x Calibration beaker (C)
• 1x Test Container(T)
• 1x User manual
• 1x Quick start guide
• 1x Self-monitoring notebook

Lit-Control pH Meter is indicated under medical prescription for the control of those alkalising and acidifying urinary treatments for which the patient must remain within a certain range.